Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup

Was told about this place some years ago by my missus – apparently they served  very good Pig’s Organs Mee Sua soup; I am not a fan of both pig’s organs and mee sua and so have no strong urge to dine in this outlet.

Well, over the years it seems they have expanded their menu and they have become a full fledged zi char (stir-fry) stall. So looking for a place for a late lunch last Saturday (5 May 2018) and already heading towards Kembangan area, my missus suggested to dine there (she being a big fan of Pig’s Organs Mee Sua).

My two other lunch companions (my missus and sis-in-law) being big fans of Pig’s Organ’s Mee Sua both ordered the same item, while I ordered their Chao Ta Bee Hoon (burnt rice noodles) and a plate of Prawn Cake to share.

One thing to note is that they don’t have a printed menu, everything is listed and pictured on the shop wall (with prices); so if you are not a regular and don’t know what to order, you will have to make your way to the Menu Wall and place your orders with the service staff while staring at the wall. Not so “user-friendly” I must say.

Free parking at Temple ground opposite from restaurant

Place was quite crowded, even at that late hour for lunch but service was quite brisk and we did not have to wait long for our order to come.

Now for the food:

Pig’s Organs Mee Sua

My dining companions gave their thumbs-up for the Pig’s Organs Mee Sua – the liver was cooked perfectly; I had a taste of the soup from my missus – very flavourful with a touch of Chinese herbal taste.

Chao Ta Bee Hoon

As for my Chao Ta Bee Hoon, it came looking really flat and burnt, with some bean sprouts, fish cake and prawns hiding underneath the rice noodle. It certainly has a lot of “wok hei” (charred aroma). Taste-wise it packs a punch. The accompanying Sambal Chilli also goes well with the rice noodle.

Prawn Cakes

However, the Prawn Cake did not fare as well – it was a tad too oily and taste-wise quite ordinary, not as flavourful as the other two dishes.

I would say – probably worth a visit if you are in the area looking for “zi char” dishes. My review today is perhaps a little skew due to the limited dishes ordered. I certainly had worst “zi char” dishes elsewhere before so this place would merit an above average rating.  Prices are pretty reasonable – comparable with other “zi Char” stalls.



Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup

475/477 Changi Road, Singapore 419813



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